Elgin / Middlesex: 519-914-5064 || Kent: 226-312-2002 || Lambton: 519-704-1331 || Toll Free: 855-500-RAAY || iNum: (883)510009900501

Raay-Vox Features

Phone numbers for 7 Provinces of Canada, 49 States of the USA, and more than 30 international Countries.
We also offer Canadian and American Toll-free Numbers as well as Vanity Toll-Free numbers.

Fully compliant with FCC and CRTC regarding your security.
We cover 100% of US and Canada for enhanced 911 service.

Take your landline device with you, and make calls from anywhere to your account.

Have friends & family in Florida, but you live in Canada?
Order a Florida phone number so they can call you without incuring long distance charges.

Keep your number: (only available for major cities)
Local, Toll-free and mobile number portability.

By supporting the most popular protocols, and the 3 most used codecs in North America, we can support most of devices and softwares in existence today.

Ease of Use:
Signup, login, deposit, and call! As simple as that.
If you encounter any kind of problem, we've a dedicated technical staff at your disposition.

Pay as you go:
Pre-paid plans allows us to have lower administration costs.
Lower administration costs for us = savings passed to you.

Friendly and available customer support staff:
Canadians supporting Canadians !

A-Z call termination:
Call anywhere in the world, anytime, at the best rates on the market.

Low Latency:
We have servers hubs located across the globe to ensure low latency calls.

Did You Know?

www.Raay.ca is hosted with Renewable Energy.
The enviroment is just like electronics engineering.
Without thought today we will not have it for tomorrow.