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Raay-Vox - Frequently Asked Questions

Finance Questions

What payment types are accepted?
We accept PayPal and Credit Cards.

What is the minimum deposit amount?
Minimum deposit is $25USD

Is there a volume commitment?
No. Raay-Vox plans are pre-paid.
Plans have no commitment to volume. Spend your credits at the pace you want.
Your balance never expires.

General Questions

Do I need to be technically inclined?
No. Any needed hardware will arrive already pre-programmed and tested for you.
Just Plug n Play!

Do you support 911/e911?
We use e911 (Enhanced 911) and are 100% compliant with FCC and CRTC and cover 100% of USA/Canada.

Can I check call details online?
Yes, you can access your details in the Customer Portal
It is updated every 60 seconds.

Do you provide callerID?
All US/Canada destinations will receive proper callerid.

Do you offer termination in every country?

Do you accept inbound call center traffic?

Do you accept predictive dialer call center traffic? (Dialer/Telemarketing)
No, not at this time.

Where are your servers located?
We have multiple servers locations across Canada, USA, and the UK.
This gives our clients the best latency (call quality) possible.

I do not even have a phoneline networked through my house, Can you send a Technician?
We currently have Mobile Technician Service in SouthWestern Ontario.
519-914-5064 - London, Ontario, Canada
519-397-0408 - Chatham, Ontario, Canada

Did You Know?

www.Raay.ca is hosted with Renewable Energy.
The enviroment is just like electronics engineering.
Without thought today we will not have it for tomorrow.