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Terrestrial Antenna Services

The analogue to digital conversion of antenna TV has given new life to antenna TV reception. Many of our clients in our service area receive 50+ Digital TV channels from a small antenna tower system on a decent weather day.

With the move from analogue NTSC to Digital ATSC, todays high performance antennas and electronics filter out the old uneeded analogue bandwidths.
This gives a more stable channel frequency lock.

There is alot more to RF than just sticking an antenna in the air.
Raay technicians filter, isolate, surge protect and distribute to the exact requirements needed. Electronic bandwidth snapshots are taken to ensure our work is completed to top quality.

We are serious when it comes to HDTV, and know what you want...
Free HDTV programming with EPG for life!

We offer a full selection of professional, reputable quality outdoor antenna products for...

  • HDTV
  • FM Stereo
  • Networking
  • Cellular
  • WISP

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